Bags, but sustainable

Heavy duty, plant-based, 100% compostable bags for your home and your business.

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  • Home Compostable

    Compost any of our bags at home.

  • Plant-Based

    100% made by plant-based corn materials.

  • Certified

    Our bags are all certified compostable by BPI and TUV.

  • Food Safe

    All of our products are safe to be used around foods.

Let's break it down

The packaging industry is the #1 producer of plastic waste globally, so we decided to create a bag that contains ZERO PLASTIC and is made out of corn-based products.

That means when you're done with any of our bags, the bag will go back into the earth, produce more corn (or something just as tasty), and end up as another bag in your hand.

That's Cirqular.

For your business

Sustainable without sacrifice

Our heavy duty bags are made with a unique mix of cornstarch and plant-based renewables, so you don't have to compromise convenience to live a more sustainable life.

Bags with a purpose

We're on a mission to remove plastics out of our lives, from daily chores at home to ecommerce deliveries - one bag at a time.

Why we started Cirqular

Plastic is not just a problem in the UAE, but globally, so we thought the easiest way to do our parts was to start small and tackle basic, every day consumption like home usage and ecommerce deliveries.